where the desert meets the sea

affectionately nicknamed “sharm,”the resort city of sharm el-sheikh, egypt gives clear meaning to the term, desert oasis.  positioned on the southern east coast of the sinai peninsula, this fast growing tourist haven is the antithesis to its surrounding barren and hostile environment.  a snorkel or dive at this red sea riviera resort town will allow you to appreciate the stark difference between life on land and life under the sea.  the corals, fringing reefs and exotic marine life stir up a kaleidoscope of every shade and color imaginable to the eye, and with water temperatures absolutely bath-like you’ll feel like you’ve never really left the tub at your resort.  this middle eastern gem exudes a cool and relaxed atmosphere as well, contrasting with the hustle and bustle lifestyle of the not-too-distant metropolis of cairo.

sharm el-sheikh from the waters of naama bay

resorts on the red sea riviera

vibrantly colorful corals at ras umm sid, sharm el-sheikh

a clown fish and its anemone

a clam amongst the corals

a pair of bannerfish in the waters of naama bay

another clown fish hides in its protective anemone

a red sea starfish

the red sea coast

you likely won’t find a shortage of accommodation at sharm, as resorts clamor around both the red sea beaches and cliffs, attempting to allow their guests instant access to the glistening, warm waters. my stay at the hilton sharm el-sheikh fayrouz resort at naama bay proved to be a relaxing and convenient experience.  the resort is strategically located in the middle of naama bay, possibly the most popular beach in the city and consequently allows extremely easy access to both the sea and the city center where markets, bars and dining options are located.  my stay at the resort was comfortable and the resort managed to live up to what you would expect from a hilton property.

the morning sun illuminates the pool area at hilton sharm el-sheikh fayrouz resort

weather information on the hilton beach

view of the red sea from the hotel's stretch of beach

my ratings

ambience 6/10

service 7/10

value 8/10

hdr image of sharm el-sheikh at sunset

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